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The next Season of NFL All Day has begun. The Team at NFL All Day didn't waste any time before making a major announcement. Dynamic Moments represent a major advancement for Collectors of NFL All Day.


Until the creation and subsequent release of Dynamic Moments, Moments from NFL All Day remain the same from when they are released. The only changes a Moment might receive is a badge for reaching a specific Player or Team Goal. For example at the end of the NFL Season all players that are on the Super Bowl winning Team. Those Player and Team Moments will get the Super Bowl Champion Badge.

What sets Dynamic Moments apart from previous Moments on the NFL All Day platform is their ability to evolve. If Players reach specific Goals in games they play in during the Season the Moment is minted in they earn an Evolution Point. Legendary Moments gain a Highlight for every two Evolution Points they earn. Rare Moments gain a Highlight for every 4 Evolution Points they earn. Simply put Dynamic Moments get better over time while Traditional Moments essentially remain the same.

This represents the single most important advancement on the NFL All Day platform. There are a few reasons why. First of all these are the first Moments that encourage the Collector to route for and actively watch the Players they've collected during games. Sure NFL All a Day has a Fantasy Football connection with Own The Moment through their Rumble tournament. You'd be hard pressed to find a Fantasy Football fan that makes an effort to watch their active lineup play. Sure they keep tabs and maybe tune in to their favourite Team's game, or Favourite Player's game. But hoping for a great Fantasy result isn't nearly as exciting as hoping your Player will get the next Evolution Point necessary to earn a new highlight. Secondly an NFL All Day Moment's value has always been tied to the Player's success, but never so directly. Players that have truly epic Seasons will have that represented on their NFL All Day Dynamic Moment.

Thirdly A Rare Dynamic Moment is actually Rare. In previous Seasons of NFL All Day Star Players could have Multiple Rare Moments minted. For instance Ja'Marr Chase has 3 different Rare Moments in Season 1. There are Rare Locked In, Conference Championship, and Super Bowl LVI Moments. The total Mint Count for all 3 combined is 3599 Moments. Dynamic Legendary Moments will be minted to just 30 of each Player and no other Legendary Moments of the Players selected by NFL All Day will be released as another Legendary Moment. Rare Dynamic Moments are only being minted to 300 of each Player. That's a fourth of the total Mint Counts compared to 1200 average of the Ja'Marr Chase Moments I had mentioned.

Luckily for me the first Dynamic Moment I cracked in a Pack was the best Pass Rusher in the league Myles Garrett. Now I'm not a Cleveland Browns fan, but I am a fan of Sack specialists. This Season if my favourite team isn't playing in one of the game windows. I'll definitely be checking to see if the Browns are playing so I can watch Myles Garrett dominate the line of scrimmage and earn me Evolutions for future Highlights on my Dynamic Moment NFT.

I've been a fan and a critic of NFL All Day from the beginning. The introduction of Dynamic Moments has me believing that now is the best time to get into NFL All Day. Are Dynamic Moments perfect? Unfortunately they're not. A major flaw I've noticed with the Evolution Point system is the lack of opportunities for Kickers and Offensive Lineman to earn points. The only way a Kicker can earn a point is by hitting a 55 yard or greater Field Goal or playing in a game his team won. The only way an Offensive Lineman can earn a point is if his team has over 450 yards of total offense or playing in a game his team won. Last Season the Arizona Cardinals didn't have a single game with over 450 yards of total offense, and only won 4 games. An Offensive Lineman on the Arizona Cardinals last Season would have evolved once as a Rare and twice as a Legendary. That isn't any better than a Traditional Moment. The first Dynamic Pack Drop included Offensive Lineman Paris Johnson Jr. the 6th Pick overall of the 2023 NFL Draft to the Arizona Cardinals. Trust me when I tell you that I was extremely nervous about cracking him as my first Dynamic Moment. I honestly feel bad for anyone who got one.

Hopefully the Team at NFL All Day make the necessary adjustments to continue to improve the platform. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

Corbert de Ronde
Pro Sports Podcasters
NFL Analyst
NFT Investor

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